Sunday, October 22, 2006

About My Blog

I taking my introspective thoughts to the internet. Right now I feel like a lost soul. I just broke up with Chelsey after dating for 4 years. It's over. We are not on bad terms. We plan on staying friends, although it very trying on my emotions. I'm not mad at her and she's not mad at me.

I started this blog a long time ago but never wrote a single post. It's not that I had nothing to say before. I just had nothing interesting to say. Im sure there will be posts that nobody but me will get anything valuable from. The need to share what I am feeling with everyone I know has become hard to contain. I hate being the sad, lonley and always a little bit depressed guy around a group of happy people. I don't like how it brings others down and If you see me you have to know I am trying hard to stay upbeat right now. I am even trying to avoid talking to you about it because I know it gets old when someone whines and complains everytime you talk to them. Problem is a much as I want to feel good about shit I can't escape the pain. Right now ALL I want to do is talk about it.

With that said most of my posts for awile will probably be me babbling introspectively about my problems. Eventually as I get over shit my posts will mostly talk about video games, bikes, technology and most importantly my experiences with my friends.

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Formo said...

dude, i know you probably aren´t looking for return posts, but i´ve gone through the same shit. you love the girl but you hate the girl at the same time. you want to talk about it but you don´t, you want to think about it but you don´t. best thing is to give a good reason for it happening and try your hardest to forget about her. i tried being friends with my ex for years but in the end i couldn´t get over her even after 4 years until i finally met someone else worth me caring about.