Saturday, October 28, 2006

I fell

Well, funny thing is I did a handfull of reasonably difficult trails this year on my Hardtail and Came out of all of it without a scratch. I even had a group of guys on a trail suggest that pads and a fullsuspension would not be a bad Idea for the stuff I was riding. I haven't fallen all season.....well until friday night. I don't get emabarrased very easily, but if my friends would have seen this wipeout. I would never have been able to live it down. Too bad knowone was there. Haha.

I was on my old norco road bike (a bike capable of gnarly speeds) and comming home from a small shindig with the Ridley's family. I made it all the way to my own street which some of you may have noticed is a slight downhill. I love this part of my ride. It's like the cherry on the top when you finally get to the top of the heritage hill. You can really get cooking on my hill, right before you hop the curb and ride up the lawn to my house. Needlees to say I bailed. I got up the curb and got partly off my bike for some reason. In the postion you use when people tell you to get off the bike and walk, but you don't want to. Standing on one pedal with your whole body on one side of the bike coasting. As soon as I went from the pavement to the lawn I knew I was gonna eat dirt. Road bike tires tend not to bite so well on cold dewy grass. Before I knew it I was laying in the grass trying to asses damage and stop laughing at the same time. Wish someone could have been there, they would have enjoyed it.

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